Using Thee BackStrap really helps loosen up the tensed up areas in my lower back. I feel grateful every time I use it.

Ellie S.: "I Love the backstrap. I think I was one of the first few to receive one and got personal instruction from the inventor. Great job, Tracy!"

Katie: H.: 64

I have a frozen shoulder, and the back strap has really helped to loosen up the muscles in my upper arm to where my range of
Motion has improved immensely. It works really well and is very easy to use.

Pamela B.: My husband & I are going to be traveling several hundred miles in our vehicle this week visiting family. The first thing I am packing is my BackStrap! I won’t go anywhere without it. It has helped my neck & back muscles so much. I use it every night & in between. I love the fact that I can use whatever ball I feel necessary at the time if I have a muscle that is in knots, too. I'll be using it in our truck during that long drive!  Thank you, Tracy.

My name is Scott: 47

My experience with the back strap has been amazing. This tool allows you to customize your stretch for your body and ability.  Inflating the balls changes intensity and gets right into that muscle to work it out. Give it a try you will be glad you did.

VC: 68

I really like the Backstrap techniques to release muscle tightness and I love Tracy!  Not only am I learning how to breathe into and release painful, tight muscles using the Backstrap, I also feel secure that Tracy is taking care of me and that all she does is in my best interest.  

Gabrielle: 46

The Backstrap has been a great tool. My pelvis rotates and this makes it difficult to drive. Sometimes, due to pain, I can’t sleep. Enter The Backstrap! When I know I have a long day of driving, I start my day by working on my hips and quads. It makes a huge difference. I have even begun using it along my occipital bone and the side of my face to alleviate my TMJ issues. Anywhere you ache, it can be used. 

Rick: L: 65:

Right hip and upper leg chronic pain that I’ve had treated with spine steroid injections with little relief. Using the BackStrap I have found that I can manage the pain and move about my daily routine with little or no pain.