Disclaimers, Contraindications, and Indications for use of The BackStrap™

Do not attempt to use The BackStrap for treatment of serious injuries such as over fractures, acute swollen muscle trauma, cuts or abrasions or signs of infection such as tissue that is red, hot, and swollen.

Individualized Physical Therapy, INC will not be held liable for injuries caused by misuse of The BackStrap.  It is the user's responsibility to seek medical clearance from a qualified medical professional to assess for safe use of this product. 

The BackStrap is to used to improve flexibility active of muscles by using specially designed static and dynamic stretches and exercises using scientifically proven effective methods to improve the length of muscle tissue and soften fibrotic scarring that occurs within muscles after sports injuries, recovering from surgeries, chronic illness, and long-term immobility for example.  Techniques such as myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, massage, contract-relax and isometric contractions to release trigger points will be incorporated via The BackStrap.  Active Trigger points are hypersensitive areas of a muscle that is sore and achy without the need to apply pressure.  Latent Trigger points are hypersensitive areas of the muscle that are only discovered through the process of applying pressure to the central aspect of the muscle and acute tenderness an/or soreness is felt in that muscle.  For example, the user will often say, "Wow, I didn't realize how tender that muscle was", as they are getting a therapeutic massage. 

The exercise principles used are based on research presented by Carolyn Kisner, MS, PT  and Lynn Allen Colby, MS, PT in their book,  Therapeutic Exercise Foundations and Techniques, Copyright 1996.